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…Handle Pool Emergencies – FAQs
When in doubt, shut off your pool equipment at the breaker box either from your garage panel, or if weather allows, in the equipment control panel above your pool equipment pad outside. Then, call Ocean Blue at (941) 373-6389!
Q. I have a new gas heater. Should it smell funny the first time I use it?
A. It is not unusual for a brand new heater to smell a bit like “burning plastic” the first couple of times you operate the unit.
Q. What do I do if I smell gas?!
A. Follow the gas line from your pool heater to a toggle valve. Shut the gas valve and call the gas company immediately. 1-877-832-6747 (877-TECOPGS)
Q. What do I do if I have major leak and water is rapidly discharging from my pool (visibly dropping inches in a mater of hours or faster)?
A. Please shut off your pool at the breakers and call Ocean Blue to report it.
Q. It appears that my spa water has drained out into the pool. What do I do?
A. It sounds as if either a check valve or actuator valve has failed. Please shut off your pool at the breakers and call Ocean Blue to report it.
Q. It’s raining so hard that I’m afraid my pool will overflow. What do I do?
A. Please reference the Storm Safety Procedures at the left
Q. My pump is making a loud grinding noise. What do I do?
A. Please shut off your pool at the breakers and call Ocean Blue to report it. Be careful not to touch the pool pump with your leg as you lean over the equipment to reach the breaker switch; it is probably overheating and can burn your skin easily.
Q. My fountains are “surging” and the pump sounds like it is getting louder then softer over and over, while sort of gurgling.
A. Check the water level in the pool; it is probably low. The water level should not fall below a point halfway up your skimmer opening. This opening is a rectangular opening in the tile along the waterline of your pool. You will see a skimmer lid in the deck of your pool just behind that opening. Lift the lid. If the skimmer weir (flap) is laying flat, the water level is too low. The noise you hear is air being sucked into the system and your pump struggling to keep a good prime. Using your garden hose, add water to the pool until the level is up to the desired level. Set a timer so you don’t get busy with other things and forget to check the progress (the one on your kitchen stove will work if you don’t have a hose timer). Remember to mention this to your Ocean Blue pool technician so he can include it in the weekly activity log for your pool and monitor the water loss properly. Water loss due to evaporation is normal, but it’s possible you have a leak.
…Operate My Pool Heater?
1. Make sure that your heater bypass valve is open – This is the black, 3-way valve next to your heater
2. Turn on all electric power to the heater, including your pump
3. Press either the POOL ON or SPA ON button switch on the operating control, or on your remote
4. Set the thermostat to desired setting (NOTICE: Setpoint must be above actual water temperature or burner will not fire). See “OPERATING the CONTROL PANEL”.
5. The blower should come on immediately, and after about 20 seconds, the burner should fire. When operating for the first time, the burner may not fire on the first try because of air in the gas line. If it does not fire at first, push the OFF switch, wait five minutes, and again push the POOL or SPA ON switch. The burner should fire after about 20 seconds. You may have to repeat this until all of the air has cleared the gas line.
6. The burner should fire until the pool/spa temperature reaches the desired temperature set on the thermostat. The blower will continue to run for about 45 seconds after the burner shuts off. If any of the safety interlocks should open during burner operation, the burner shuts off immediately, but the blower continues to run for about 45 seconds.
7. Should overheating occur or the gas supply fail to shut off, turn off the manual gas control valve to the appliance.
If the appliance will not operate, follow the instructions below “TO TURN OFF GAS TO THE APPLIANCE”, and call your service technician or gas supplier.
…Operate The Control Panel?
The 5 operating switches are:
1. POOL ON Press this button to govern heater operation by the pool temperature setting.
2. SPA ON Press this button to govern heater operation by the spa temperature setting.
3. HEATER OFF Press this button to switch off the heater.
4. (UP ARROW) TEMP Press this button to raise the temperature setting.
5. (DOWN ARROW) TEMP Press this button to lower the temperature setting.
When either the UP TEMP or DOWN TEMP buttons are depressed, the digital display will indicate the temperature setting. After five seconds, the display will return to the actual pool/spa temperature. In addition to the digital temperature display, there are five indicator lights:
 – The POOL ON light indicates that the pool water temperature is governing operation of the heater.
 – The SPA ON light indicates that the spa water temperature is governing operation of the heater.
 – The HEATING light comes on and stays on when the burner is firing. This light should be on whenever the burner is on. It blinks when the heater is calling for heat but not firing. If this light is on but the burner fails to come on, one of the “service” lights should come on, indicating a fault in the system.
 – The SERVICE SYSTEM light indicates that there is insufficient water flow to the heater. If the pump is operating, this usually indicates that the filter and/or skimmers should be cleaned (some filters may require back-washing). If the light remains on after the filter/skimmers have been serviced, the system should be checked by a qualified service technician.
The SERVICE HEATER light indicates a fault in the heater or its controls. If this light comes on, shut down the heater see “TO TURN OFF GAS TO THE APPLIANCE”, and have a qualified service technician check the system.
1. Press the OFF button on operating control.
2. Switch off all electric power to the unit.
3. Remove the access door panels
4. Toggle-Style Valve: Pull toggle toward you to turn gas off
5. Replace the Access Door Panels.
…Pool Safety
Having a swimming pool is a great source for fun and good family memories! But pools demand a lot of responsibility when it comes to keeping your family and guests safe.
According to the Center for Disease Control, drowning is the 2nd leading cause of accidental death for children ages one to 14. Such accidents tend to happen very, very quickly. The CDC reports that in most cases, the children involved were out of their parents’ sight for less than five minutes.
We urge you to be responsible with your pool and never assume that your kids, inexperienced swimmers, or your elderly loved ones are not at risk.
Using a combination of resources like a Baby Barrier, sound signals on your exterior doors, pool motion sensors, and education is the best safeguard against drowning.
Top Ten Safety Tips for Your Pool
There is no substitute for vigilant supervision. I have pulled together a Top 10 list of additional safety tips from various sources to inspire you to create a safety plan for your pool.
10. Always wear sunscreen to avoid burns
9. Keep kids from playing with skimmers & main drain suction
8. Use plastic cups while pool-side to avoid glass breakage in and near the pool. Tervis Tumblers are a great, durable option!
7. Discourage diving or flipping into shallow pools and running around the pool
6. Secure doors and windows in your home so kids can’t access the pool without supervision
5. Use your Baby Barrier when the kids are here and when you leave town to protect your liability from others who may enter your lanai unwelcomed
4. Never leave the pool partially covered while swimming – kids and dogs can become trapped
3. Learn CPR & keep a First-Aid kit handy
2. Teach your kids to swim and never over-estimate their abilities.
1. Be a good example! Kids learn more from their parents than anyone else in their lives!
Print this pamphlet to review even more pool SAFETY tips with your family!
Learn To SWIM!
Mark and I recently discovered a video on Facebook depicting a toddler strategically floating to safety after falling into a swimming pool. We were absolutely amazed, and as parents of our own toddler, we wanted to learn more!
I did a Google search on the ISR training illustrated in this video and found a local facility, right here in Lakewood Ranch that offers the training along with swimming lessons. After speaking with local business owner, Amy personally, we can’t wait to participate with baby Cooper!
We encourage you to visit their website for more information at Swim Gym of Lakewood Ranch! It’s my hope that anyone with a young child will take advantage of resources like this one to keep their families safe!
Check Out This Video!