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We offer a variety of services for your pool area. If you are looking for something not listed here, we would be pleased to work with you to make it happen.  Just give us a call at 941-373-6389.
Weekly Cleaning and Maintenance

We come once each week to clean your pool and scrub the tiles. We vacuum or brush the surface depending on which is needed each week. We test your chemicals and add what is required to keep the water balanced. We skim the surface and empty your skimmer basket.

Maintaining a good salt level is included in the service for those of you with a salt system. We check your equipment regularly and keep an eye on your water level to make sure everything is in good working order. In addition, we clean your filter cartridge monthly. Ocean Blue is now taking new customers in Lakewood Ranch, East Bradenton, and some areas of Parish & Myakka.
Free In-store Water Testing

Bring us a water sample so we can test it and help you balance your pool! We will recommend the proper chemicals and doses to treat your pool and answer any questions you might have. We typically recommend selecting options that will maximize your ability to save on energy costs and time while protecting our environment and keeping your pool water balanced and safe for your family.

Pool Equipment & Repair

It is imperative to handle swimming pool repairs and equipment replacements in a timely manner to keep your pool operational. We can handle proper maintenance and repair of ALL of your equipment quickly, even gas heaters; usually within 24-48 hours. We are licensed to handle all swimming pool and gas heater repairs.

Ocean Blue Pool Services is a Certified Warranty Substation for both Pentair Pool Products. We can provide warranty repair and replacement on covered products under the terms of the Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty at no cost to you. Click Here for more information about warranty service from Ocean Blue.
Ocean Blue Pools is an Authorized Dealer for Pentair Aquatic Systems and Aquacal Heat Pumps, and we offer and service for many other pool equipment manufacturers as well.
Licensed Pool Contractor CPC1458200/LPG33086    
Specialty Treatments
Phosphate Treatments
An annual phosphate treatment is imperative for maintaining a proper chemical balance in your pool. We will be sure to notify you when one is necessary for your pool each year. For additional information about where phosphates come from and the harm they cause to your pool, check out our blog for more information.
No-Drain Stain Treatments
Is your pool surface stained? From Spot stain treatments to Full surface chemical stain treatments, we may be able to restore your pool finish in a matter of days! Contact us today for an estimate, and to see if your pool is a good candidate for a stain treatment.
New Pool Start-Up Services
We offer a competitively priced start-up service to pool builders in the Bradenton and Sarasota area. We can coordinate a seamless transition of your newly constructed pool to the homeowner with ease.
Pool School
Are you afraid to touch your pool equipment? We are happy to come out and give you a crash course in basic pool care to make you feel more comfortable handling your pool equipment. If you’d like, we can even include a pool maintenance kit so that you will have the necessary tools for touch-ups between visits from your Ocean Blue technician.
Buying a fixer-upper with a green pool? There are many neglected pools in the area in need of a special treatment process to bring them back to life! We offer the best pool clean-up service in the Manatee & Sarasota County area! Contact us today to set up a time for us to provide an estimate for a clean-up and equipment inspection. We can make your pool blue again!
Inspection Services
We work with a number of realtors and relocation specialists to provide a detailed inspection of the pool equipment for real estate closings. This is very helpful when negotiating a sale price on a new home. Often times a real estate inspection only offers a basic check of the pool. We can provide a written estimate with a description of exactly what needs repair or replacement on your new pool.
Leak Detection
We work with the most thorough leak detection service company in the area. If we discover the possibility of an underwater leak in a clients’ pool, we refer to a trusted specialist to handle it quickly for our clients.
Warranty Service Provider
Ocean Blue Pool Services is a Certified Warranty Substation for Pentair Aquatic Systems.
We can provide warranty repair and replacement on covered products under the terms of the Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty at no cost to you. Details regarding your warranty terms can be found in your product manuals.

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